• Rockingham
  • 1: Rockingham
  • Rockingham is Europe's fastest banked oval racing circuit, with the unbeaten lap record for the 1.5 mile oval set at 24.719 seconds by Tony Kanaan in his Ford/Lola Champ Car on 22nd September, 2001 - ...
  • British F3 Silverstone
  • 2: Silverstone
  • Silverstone was opened as a World War Two airfield in 1943, near the leafy village of the same name. The Royal Automobile Club leased the track in 1948. On October 2 1948, amid straw bales and ropes, ...
  • British F3 Snetterton
  • 3: Snetterton
  • Snetterton's original purpose was as an RAF airfield, designated for use by the 96th United States Air Force Bomber Group between May 1943 and November 1948. The circuit itself was created in 1951 fro...
  • Spa
  • 4: Spa-Francorchamps
  • Designed in 1920 by Jules de Their and Henri Langlois Van Ophem, the original triangle-shaped course used public roads between the Belgian towns of Spa, Malmedy and Stavelot. The circuit was first use...
  • thruxton 1
  • 5: Thruxton
  • Thruxton was originally a wartime airfield. Commissioned in 1941 the airfield was host to both the RAF and USAF and played a major part in the D-Day landings as a base for troop carrying aircraft and ...
  • Brands Hatch
  • 6: Brands Hatch
  • One of the world's most iconic motor racing venues, Brands Hatch was first used for grass track bike racing in 1926. Brands Hatch is a firm fans' favourite and has been the scene of some momentous occ...
  • Donington
  • 7: Donington Park
  • Donington Park motor racing circuit was the first permanent park circuit in England.It’s first motorcycle race took place on Whit Monday 1931 on the narrow lanes of the Donington Hall Estate. 1...


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